Thursday, April 21, 2011

Charlotte GiveCamp

I have taken the first steps to getting a GiveCamp going here in Charlotte, and I am pretty excited about it. Our site is up and running now at Charlotte GiveCamp.

For people who don't know, GiveCamp is a weekend event where developers in a city donate their time and expertise to creating web sites and custom software for local non-profits. There hasn't been one in the Carolinas before, and this is also my first experience trying to organize an event like this, but I have already gotten some great responses from local developers and from Microsoft, so I am very excited about putting this together.

My good friend Eric Eicke, one of the best developers I know, is on board, and Brian Hitney our regional Developer Evangelist has let me know that Microsoft will help out, so I invite any developers reading this to get in touch, and we will be reaching out to the local user groups and non-profits soon to help get this thing rolling!

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