Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Fun @ CodeCamp

This weekend was Code Camp here in Charlotte at the CPCC campus in Matthews, and I had a really good time both attending and presenting. I made new friends, linked up with some old friends, and was able to hang out with some very smart and interesting folks for a day.

I gave a talk on HTML5 graphics (which included this little demo) in the morning, and we had about 30 folks who seemed to enjoy listening to the talk as much as I did presenting it, so thank you all for coming!

My afternoon session was on the upcoming Charlotte GiveCamp, and while that did not have as many folks attending, I spoke to people all day about it, especially other speakers, and everyone was universally excited and interested. I pointed a lot of people to the site, and I am working this week on reaching out to additional charities in the area, so stay tuned for more information.

Big thanks go out to the folks at the Developers Guild for yet another great CodeCamp.