Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Azure Tech Jam + Time With Family

I attended the Azure Tech Jam (check here for the upcoming events) here in Charlotte last week, and it was great day all around. Not only did Brian Hitney and Jim O'Neil deliver the goods on Azure and answer some questions for me about an application I have been working on in the cloud, I was able to attend the event with my oldest son, Alex, who has been experimenting with C# and programming in general.

I am finding as kids get older, it is more of a challenge to find time and things to do together, and so spending the day at this event was a lot of fun. As a bonus, my son managed to win the afternoon's Rock Paper Azure competition, beating me and a dozen or so other local attendees in a rock-paper-scissors++ competition in the cloud, and taking home the XBox 360 Kinect package (to the cheers and admiration of his brothers)! Definitely a good day and one we will both remember. :)